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Wrapping it all up...

The paper-writing went smoothly, although I didn't do much of it last night, instead getting to bed early and then waking up early and attacking it with a full night's sleep. The results were quite successful, I think. I am hoping to dazzle my professor with my near-encyclopedic knowledge of Robert Altman's oeuvre, including several films that aren't available on home video (California Split, A Perfect Couple and Quintet are all used as specific examples). I rock.

* * *

On my way to class yesterday, I was walking on the Quad and was shocked and appalled at the sheer amount and volume of bird noises. It sounded like an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

* * *

A conversation suitboyskin and I had a few days ago keeps resonating through my head because of how hilarious it was. We were talking about The Twilight Zone, and I commented that it was because of The Twilight Zone that I never make desert island lists, figuring that some freak out there would eventually actually strand me on a desert island with only ten movies, ten CDs and ten books. I mentioned that there was one about... "There's a Twilight Zone episode about everything, man," Suit interrupted. He's right. The sheer amount of episodes managed to cover most of the topics germane to life as we know it.

"Portrait of a man of no particular importance.
Not a great man, but not a bad one either.
He went to the bathroom to pinch a loaf.
Little did he know he'd be reading yesterday's Sports page
in the Twilight Zone."

And with that, I'm off to class in the Twilight Zone...

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