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Ex Post Debato

Last night was a very interesting debate to be sure. American news sources are calling the race a dead heat right now, but international news sources are currently putting Kerry at a definite lead. This makes sense, because while Kerry worked to expand his demographic by including women and minorities, Bush basically reached out to the Christian Right last night... whom he already had in his corner.

In watching the post-debate coverage, I heard many people call into shows to describe their support for a specific candidate. In years past, I have found some of these comments baffling, but in talking with suitboyskin, who spent a decent amount of his childhood in the Bible Belt (and has the emotional scars to prove it), I began to piece together how it was that people could respond to a candidate like Bush the way that they have. These opinions they are spouting are not their own, they belong to their religious leaders. This was embarrassingly apparent to me last night in how they worded their reactions to the debate.

I am thinking that Bush may have shot himself in the foot by doing much of what he did to appeal to the Christian Right, however. Kerry was able to come right out and say that he would fight to keep Roe Vs. Wade from being overturned, but Bush waffled noticably and Kerry called him on it. This issue is a very divisive one, but one which I think that undecided voters may be swayed by Kerry's firmness and explanation; in fact, he is one of the only politicians I have ever seen make a clear distinction between his own personal beliefs and how the country needs to be run, something which I have to give him credit for.

There is no way around the fact that Bush was stronger a presence in this debate than in the previous two, but he was stuck defending the indefensible. The economy is in shambles, and it needs to be repaired. Bush can't alter the fact that his tax cut was little more than a temporary band-aid (I got a one time only check of $300. I used it to help pay my rent).

The simple fact is that Bush has to go, and the more momentum that Kerry can gain, the closer we come to that goal. The fact that there are aspects to his policies, and those of the Democratic Party, which I don't think are strong enough takes a back seat to the fact that his platform is much more sensible than anything this current administration is capable of, and the debates have made me feel that it is all the more important that he win the election.

We'll see next month.

Interestingly, in order to counter the obviousness of the height difference in the eyeline match that occured in the first debate, the camera on Bush was significantly reframed so that the desk was at the same height. Note how the microphone on the Bush side just came up a bit, while on the Kerry side it was about seven feet long.

They say the taller guy always wins...
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