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Assorted Film Music Related Junque

Sony Classical will be releasing Vangelis' score for Oliver Stone's sure-to-be-a-total-mess film Alexander. While I plan to avoid the movie at this point (I don't really see how it can be that good with Stone at the helm), I am eager to hear Vangelis' music. He doesn't do films often, but when he has, the results have often been quite engaging. Of course, he won the Oscar for Chariots of Fire, but the music that he created for the two Ridley Scott films he worked on, Blade Runner and 1492: Conquest of Paradise, easily best Hans Zimmer's lousy contributions to many of Scott's other films (I have often thought that any good elements of Gladiator came from attempting to do what Vangelis did with 1492, which was to bridge the period with the contemporary to give the film a unique voice). His recent trend among both his film music and his albums of combining traditional acoustic instruments (including an entire orchestra and choir at times) with his trademark synthesized textures is giving his music a much more timeless quality.

01. Introduction
02. Young Alexander
03. Titans
04. The Drums Of Gaugamela
05. One Morning At Pella
06. Roxane's Dance
07. Eastern Path
08. Gardens Of Delight
09. Roxane's Veil
10. Bagoas' Dance
11. The Charge
12. Preparation
13. Across the Mountains
14. Chant
15. Immortality
16. Dream Of Babylon
17. Eternal Alexander
18. Tender Memories

Also, Gae, a frequent poster to the message boards, is promoting three new CDs at their website.
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