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Literary Conundrum and the Veracity of Verizon

I started Neil Gaiman's novel American Gods a few weeks ago. Although it is an intriguing book by a great author, for some reason I am finding it slow going. It just isn't where I am right now, for some reason.

When Order of the Pheonix came out, I figured a break was in order, and finished that book in short order, then returned to Gods.

It was still slow going. I then checked out some of the books that I had read long, long ago (see my July 9th entry for details) and finished off A Wrinkle in Time in short order; I then embarked on the Saberhagen Sword series. I had just started The Third Book of Swords when I found that I had, in fact, left it at my parents' house.

I had bought Nick Hornby's High Fidelity because of the recommendation of a friend, Ryan, who informed me that the film was not a very good adaptation (it isn't; while for the most part an accurate presentation of the events of the novel, the film concentrates on the breakup and subsequent reunion of Rob and Laura, but doesn't delve into details the early mid-life crisis Rob is having that causes it, which is the point of the book). Since I didn't have the book I was reading, I took that one to work and read it today.

This is a new high in novelistic adultery for me. I am cheating on a book that I am cheating on another book with. This sort of literary promiscuity is making me feel all guilty (I am not really keeping it a secret from poor American Gods, sitting out in my kitchen, open to the last chapter I had finished).

In other news, I got a Fed-Ex package from Verizon informing me that I had the right to return to work on July 30th because the arbitration decision came down in the union's favor.

The contract is up August 1st, which means I will get two days worth of work until I have to go on strike. Verizon has already gotten a company ready to contract craft work, so they can weather the strike indefinitely. They are out to break the union.

A further issue bothers me; if I return and the new contract excludes the language that did not allow the company to lay people off. They could easily, after the contract is re-negotiated, turn around and fire everybody again. It would be just like them.

I also came home to another bill from college, this one warning me of my delinquency. This despite the fact that I sent all the requested information to Verizon months ago.

So, to date, Verizon has shut off my DSL repeatedly for no reason (causing me to get a cable modem, which is, of course, now defunct), threatened to lay me off, and has not paid for my tuition despite having already approved the leave and classes.

This issue here is a new level of stress to be added to a list. I should sue them for the emotional roller-coaster.
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