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As the Earth cast her shadow across her sister...

...I had to compose an eight page paper on how William Shakespeare used the formulas in Aristotle's Rhetoric in order to structure Mark Antony's speech in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. A pretty worthy subject, I admit, but eight freakin' pages!?! Well, I knocked it off, and Tim will be picking me up in a few minutes so I can hang out with him and a few other friends and decompress.

You know, I'll write a superlong essay on how cool I think Henry Mancini's Lifeforce is, or about how much I may have liked X2, and film studies papers that I write end up being twice as long as they're supposed to be, but this was like trying to squeeze blood from a stone.

On the other hand, every time I stepped out to check out the eclipse, the Moon was doing something else cool (thanks, aerolyndt, for pointing it out to me).

Trivia Time!

Okay, this is an interesting thing some people may not know about the Moon. It is not, technically, a satellite. A satellite is defined as an object that is in orbit around another object. The Moon's gravitational pull (one-sixth that of the Earth) exerts a large influence on the Earth's orbit around the Sun, so the Earth-Moon system is more complex than that of a satellite and its parent body.

So while a satellite may be a moon, the Moon is not a satellite.

So, if you didn't know that, you learned something.

* * *

I rode on one of those newfangled electric buses today. It was an extremely smooth ride, and I think that the new design is much nicer than that of the old buses. The entrances and exits are now built at curb level (so there is no need for the bus to "lean"), with the rear of the bus elevated, and there is more space in the middle than was available previously. It was a bit strange to be riding a bus on the same level as traffic, but it was pretty cool as well.

I like what I've seen of 'em so far.
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