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Even smiling makes my face ache...

The Rocky Horror Picture Show was a lot of fun. The New York Cast were very gracious hosts, although there were only a few of us in the audience that knew much partici


Nevertheless, it was a great time.

Furthermore, I found a website this guy had a bunch of suites from Buffy the Vampire Slayer that he created. It's not as cool as having the promos, but the suites are pretty damn awesome and this will satisfy the yen that I've had for Christophe Beck's music. I think that he also incorporated some Robert Romayne Stevens and Robert Duncan cues that I don't think I've heard before... there are no track listings, so I'm not exactly sure what's what, although I recognized "Drink Me" from "Graduation Day" as soon as it showed up, as well as music from the Christmas episode. I think I also recognized the Faith/Buffy fight.

...and I haven't even finished listening.
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