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Freud at Polls?

Just a little dig at suitboyskin there, although I know he'd prefer "The Jung of the Nation Swing Votes" or something less pithy but more apropos to his... um... professional views.

The New York Times, The Daily News and Newsday all had pretty decent spreads on the election... The New York Post had a big picture of W and an article stating that pundits are having trouble predicting the election. Given what the Post is, and that within the past two weeks several prominent conservatives have endorsed Kerry's bid, it looks like a good sign.

Maybe this time that voting thing will work...

I am thinking a lot about how the Post might react to a Kerry win... I keep thinking of that scene in Citizen Kane where Bernstein looks at the two covers that were produced for the election results: KANE WINS and FRAUD AT POLLS. Some are predicting that we won't be getting any results for some time now. I'm not so sure. While I definitely think that there will be a stall in terms of getting a definitive answer, I'm thinking that the vote may be a lot less close than some think. Huge blocks of the voting population of the United States could not be polled because they no longer have land lines, which means that there probably was a skew towards conservatives in general. Foreign pollsters have generally found Kerry in a lead over Bush, while American pollsters (who are subject to a restrictive administration and a media infrastructure ready to pounce on anybody who might be a "liberal") have tended to show a dead heat. If Bush does win, it won't be with any more mandate than he had the last election... the difference here being that his core base consists of mostly uninformed people.

So, I am trying, as best as possible, to relax. It's not working.
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