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Fucking Christians

That's really what it boils down to. There is no way that Bush could possibly have gotten such a popular turnout based upon the issues... which is what you're supposed to vote upon in the first place. I should have realized this after the third debate, when all those crazy religious nuts started calling in to show their support for Bush.

So Ohio is now the sand in the vaseline.

I was in Ohio once. It sucked.

So that's it, really. Unless a miracle occurs with the provisional ballots in Ohio (not bloody likely), the election is lost. The Democrats were unable to secure their Congressional holdings except in the predictable states, Tom Daschle is out, and so now, in addition to four more years of this retard in power, we now will have Republicans continuing to run this country into the ground. Joy and rapture.

Interestingly, I have found that there are other countries where they speak English.

Look, I've often said that on a private, individual level, religion can be a very positive force in a person's life. From a social point of view, there are few more destructive forces in human history.

What we have seen here is religion being used as it often is, to control people. In this case, it was used to blind them to the fact that the very administration they are voting back into power has done absolutely nothing for them and will continue not to do so.

As suitboyskin said to me in a brief, dejected exchange earlier this morning, it's worth this moron starting World War III if it'll keep gay people from getting married.

Man, fuck the middle of this country. They're completely useless.
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