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What can I say?

Well, it's all over. And I do mean all over. The economy is about to go bullshit, we are about to become the enemies of every other country in the galaxy, Roe vs. Wade will not exist in four years, the Supreme Court is going to look like a Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard Council and the First Amendment is going to be declared null and void and against national security.

The Democratic Party is about to be cast down and forgotten. Granted, I have always leaned farther left than the Democrats, but they were still left, and they were the best chance at bringing this country into the postmodern era. Granted, Ralph Nader might say that there was little difference - he was, and remains wrong, and as fucked up as the two party system was, how do you like the new single party system, Ralph?

What is frustrating is that the facts here are that the American people have spoken, and this is what they want.

The problem is not that the Democrats are out of touch with America, its that the American people are out of touch with the rest of the world. One thing that was a marked difference between the two parties is that the Democrats have demonstrated a global perspective, while the Republicans represented a simplistic right-and-wrong, black-and-white worldview that appealed to those who... well... think more simply.

There is one chance, though. If China becomes enough of a power to rival the United States, then everything will settle into a more normal bipolar political situation that will stabilize the world.
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