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The Breakdown

I apologize for the sleep-deprived entry from this morning. No, I'm not going to go into details, suffice it to say that it confirmed for me the folly of a particular aspect of my life that is going to be dealt with once and for all very soon (okay, by now most of you have probably guessed).


The Bad News

Verizon requires me to return to work on December 12th (actually Monday, December 13th) because my leave of absence is only for 24 months. My classes will not be finished by that point, much less my finals. In contacting the company, I found that this is completely inflexible.

The Good News

By contacting Mike, my chief steward, I was able to follow up on several possibilities. Most looked pretty bleak, but my new second line manager (that is, my boss' boss) was very understanding, and will give me EWDs (excused work days) in order to be able to attend school, finish and graduate.

The Really Good News

This means that I will be returning to work a little earlier than I expected. Even if I only work two days that first week back (my Monday class is an evening one, and I have no classes on Friday), that paycheck will still be much better than the one I'm getting this Thursday. You know, the one for $0.00.


aerolyndt, I'm sorry, but that probably means that unless I can really jockey a few extra days (which I might be able to, I'm not sure), but I probably won't be able to make your shindig. I will try, but no promises can be made at this juncture.
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