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Science Fiction Bonanza


The two aliens I managed to get yesterday look like this:

Warrior Alien

This one is kind of similar to the form the alien took in the wildly illogical Alien Resurrection, though thankfully they have not carried over the extra joint in the legs which made sense on the Xenomorph seen in Alien3, which gestated in a dog and tended towards quadruped movement, but not anywhere else. Of course, Alien Resurrection doesn't make any sense anyway, so whatever. The refinements found on this particular variation are interesting. It is more buff than the previously seen aliens, which is interesting.

Grid Alien

You can see the influence of the Predator on this one. The idea that the Xenomorph mixes its host's genetic material with its own during incubation is a pretty interesting one, though the only time this idea has really seen much in the way of creativity was in Alien3, which stands to reason given that H.R. Giger was involved (however briefly) in the design of that particular variation. Here, though we see aspects of the Predator, I think that this was perhaps a missed opportunity. I would love to have seen the outer mouth of this alien have had the unfolding tusks on the lower jaw that the Predators have.

Despite my misgivings, there is no way around the fact that they are Xenomorphs, and much better looking than that bizarre Alien Resurrection version. It is interesting because my display has now grown so large it takes up the entire top of my computer desk hutch. I have arranged them to show the advancement of the concept over time (I suppose a proper title for a diorama based upon this display would be Alien Evolution).

From left to right we see the Queen, the warrior from Alien (standing on the egg display that he originally came with, which also had a Predator, who is not included here but is elsewhere), the warrior from Aliens (climbing on the side of a section of Hadley's Hope with the woman sprouting a chestburster... this came with the Queen, but I feel it made more sense to connect this section with the warrior), the dog alien from Alien3 in front, the warrior from Alien Resurrection, the warrior from Alien Vs. Predator (looking down at a mummified human corpse with a facehugger and a huge hole in its chest that came with this figure) and finally the Grid Alien. The 12" warrior from the first film is located in a different place, greeting people as they enter the entertainment room/bedroom.

Esper Tunes

Vangelis' score from Blade Runner is one that I have always found to be a fascinating one. It envelops the film with its tones, blending perfectly with the environment to help to completely immerse yourself in Ridley Scott's neon nightmare landscape.

So fascinated was I by this score that, when disappointed by the severely delayed official release of the soundtrack album, I pursued an elusive bootleg (from the "Off World" label... right) that had much more of the score as it was originally recorded. This edition has been supplanted by a new one, from "Gongo" records, which reportedly has much better sound. I have been unable to procure for myself this particular version (although I know where I can get it and I will order it the same time I order those Christophe Beck Buffy promos).

I found a completely different album posted online. It was termed the "Esper Edition," and when I downloaded it, I was pleasantly surprised to find that, while it didn't really satisfy any yen to hear the music, it was an hourlong trip through the various soundscapes one finds in Blade Runner. Because this is a film where the ambience is so much of the experience, I found this to be very rewarding. This album is awash with rain and the sounds of the Los Angeles of the future (I assume that some very creative soul somehow managed to get ahold of the film's music-and-effects track and edited this).

A few days later, I found a two-disc edition. This one is a bit more complicated, combining sources from the Gongo edition, the official release, the music-and-effects track and the film itself. This version manages to ace the others in one arena: it is the only place one will find the complete score for Blade Runner. However, it is marred by dialogue and sound effects (the presence of dialogue would seem to have been justified by its placement on the official soundtrack release). On the other hand, it does a wonderful job of putting you in the world of the film. It is an interesting alternative, expertly edited.

Movie Quote of the Week

Blade Runner

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate.

"All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

"Time to die."

Sorry to be such a bummer. It's just where the music took me. I am actually in a pretty good mood...

NOTE: Before I edited this post, I pulled a Nigel Tufnel and listed the twelve inch alien as a twelve foot alien. Now, wouldn't that would be an interesting thing?

"That's a big alien."
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