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The Body

My Buffy marathon continued, and I hit one of the high points, or low points, of the series. The episode "The Body" represents a creative high point but an emotional low, one which made me almost put on the commentary track right away. Part of the reason I resisted doing so was because of how effective it was, making me doubt I wanted to go through it right away just then, even to dissect it.

This is perhaps one of the harshest pieces of television I've seen in a very long time, mostly because it is one of those that is most realistic. Not only is the event catastrophic, but the ways in which each character deals with it is completely their own, and the most devastating moment is one that I know each person has experienced when death occurs to somebody close to them.

I will have more to say on the topic once I have viewed the commentary track (I am probably going to hit it before the others because of how brilliant, if morbid, the episode was).

I was quite glad that I saw it while spending the weekend at my mother's.
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