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and your basic
STONED RAMBLING's amazing anybody still reads this crap...

So, let's see what has happened in my life over the course of this journal:


01/08 - I start my LiveJournal at the prompting of waystone. I have no idea what to do with it.

01/12 - I watch Dangerous Liaisons and American Pie 2 in rapid succession and for some reason get the kernel of the idea that would eventually become Ecology. I contact Ryan immediately and we start working on the story.

01/18 - I get major inspiration about how to handle the structure of Ecology during the waning hours of the morning after a party at Dan's girlfriend's house. I write everything down on a bunch of plates. This is the first time I post about a personal experience.

02/04 - A strange event, which I posted about but removed at the request of whom it involved, occured.

02/07 - I post my first real film review (of Frida) and my reactions to Band of Brothers.

02/11 - Classes begin at Touro.

02/14 - While looking for work, I posted a long post about the various films I had started renting nonstop on the Blockbuster DVD Welfare program.

02/15 - Vacation with the family in the Bahamas.

02/19 - I return from the Bahamas, having just missed that huge blizzard. I still had to dig my car out of a mountain of snow, however.

02/22 - My first list.

04/21 - I get that horrible job at the security guard company.

05/11 - X2 comes out.

05/20 - I buy The Zen Room.

05/28 - The Led Zeppelin live CD How the West Was Won and DVD set come out. I also somehow mire myself in what would prove to be an ultimately pointless relationship.

06/03 - I celebrate one cigarette-free year. Also, that relationship takes a nasty turn when my partner does something... insensitive doesn't really cover it.

07/15 - I post my first memes.

07/31 - The relationship ends. Thank goodness.

08/19 - I visit suitboyskin. The Zen Room doesn't quite make it.

09/06 - I turn 29.

11/15 - The first CD mix contest is called. The subject is Led Zeppelin.

11/18 - The Two Towers extended version premiers on DVD.

11/24 - The CD of The Return of the King was released on midnight.

12/07 - I win the Led Zeppelin CD mix-off.

12/15 - Brad decides he no longer wants to be my friend.

12/17 - The Return of the King is released.


01/03 - I post my year end list.

02/02 - First day of classes at Queens College.

03/08 - I quit my horrible job at the security guard company. My life improves immensely.

04/12 - I go to visit suitboyskin in Boston in order to finish Ecology.

04/14 - The 179 page first draft of Ecology is completed.

04/19 - The 114 page second draft of Ecology is completed (although there are some bits here and there suitboyskin may wish to refine in the future, this is the version of the script that is most current).

04/21 - I come this close to being propositioned, in a continuing story that still has me confused.

06/04 - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is released.

06/28 - I post my first Movie Quote of the Week entry.

06/30 - I go to meet suitboyskin and his family in Maine.

07/03 - Two years, cigarette free, but I crash The Zen Room. This time, she doesn't survive.

07/12 - I take the bull by the horns on that confusing situation and put it to rest once and for all... or so I thought.

07/21 - I go to visit aerolyndt in California. I begin the series The Adventures of the Swashbuckler on the West Coast. I find out the next day that composer Jerry Goldsmith has died.

08/06 - Tim lends me the first three seasons of both Buffy and Angel.

08/23 - I am crushed to learn of the death of Elmer Bernstein.

09/06 - I turn 30.

09/21 - I find out that the drama continues...

11/02 - The United States loses the chance to redeem itself in the eyes of the world.

11/24 - I post my 500th post.

Well, that's a lot of living. Not all of it that great.

On the other hand, an unexpected benefit of the LJ has been that it was extremely easy to date sequences of events, even if there was not a specific entry for them; this became less an issue as time when on and my posts became more frequent.

I have to say that the LJ has now become a very important outlet for me. I use it to vent and to get ideas out of my system that would otherwise have no avenue. It is also become an interesting communication tool.

Thanks, waystone.
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