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A Thanksgiving Zombie Post!!! How's that for original!?!

Well, the morning after I can say that Dawn of the Dead remains an unqualified success.

Okay, it's not just DOTD, it's DOTD in conjunction with that recent, so effective viewing of NOTLD that have sort of given me zombie overload. In general, movies don't really have the power to scare me anymore. I can be shocked, but that is not the same thing, and while good shocks can be a lot of fun to watch (most thrillers are based on them), the movies that really scare me, such as Alien and the original version of The Haunting, do so by being conceptually frightening to me. Just as the brain is the biggest erogenous zone, so is the brain the best fear center. One of the main reasons why I don't think gore has the same effect today as it did in the original NOTLD, even today, is because what is horrifying about that scene is what it is about, not what you are seeing. The ultra-stylization that has occured in horror movies today actually has the effect of minimizing the implications of violence while reveling in the spectacle of it. NOTLD still works because of its rawness, and while its zombies are slow, they are relentless and en mass. The new DOTD manages to evoke a similar sense of desperation (in some ways, I think, better than the original DOTD, which puts one in a similar headspace. I am not saying that the new DOTD is as effective as the original NOTLD, but the combination of the two was... well, let's just say that it left me with some sore nerves.

No, I didn't have nightmares (I don't usually anyway), but some of those idle waking up thoughts were just not pleasant (they involved contigency plans in case my family all turned out to be zombies this morning).
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