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Shadows and Dust

Werewolves of folklore differ greatly from modern
renditions seen in movies and shows. People
believed there were many ways to become
werewolves, such as drinking rainwater
collected in a wolf's pawprint, eating meat
gnawed on by a wolf, or being born with a full
set of teeth or covered in a caul. And unlike
movie werewolves, werewolves of old were
oftentimes harmless and highly honorable!

As a werewolf, you are loyal, strong and honorable,
and you will protect all you hold dear with
your very life. Although you are not a violent
individual at heart, you will fight for what
you believe in. You are a good friend and truly
are a wonderful person to be around.

Who is your inner Shapeshifter?
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Lord of the rings
J.R.R. Tolkien: Lord of the Rings. You are
entertaining and imaginative, creating whole
new worlds around yourself. Well loved, you
have a whole league of imitators, none of which
is quite as profound as you are. Stories and
songs give a spark of joy in the middle of your
eternal battle with the forces of evil.

Which literature classic are you?
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I swear that I didn't doctor this one to get what I wanted.

o01. name: Joshua
o02. d.o.b.: 09-06-74
o03. location: Queens, New York
o04. religion: None
o05. occupation: Student

o01. hair: Dirty Blonde
o02. eyes: Blue
o03. weight: I can't get close enough to the scale. It starts screaming when it sees me.
o04. height: 6'1"

o01. clothing: T-Shirt and jeans
o02. music: Film music and classic rock mostly
o03. make-up: None
o04. body art: None

o01. wearing: Jerry Goldsmith Memorial T-Shirt, jeans, socks, underwear, watch...
o02. listening to: Blaxploitation mix
o03. thinking of: James Brown

o01. bought: Cupcakes
o02. ate & drank: Beef stew
o03. read: The Battle of Brazil by Jack Matthews
o04. watched on tv: News

o01. club or houseparty: Houseparty
o02. tea or coffee: Either one
o03. achiever or slacker: Slacker
o04. beer or cider: Yuck, do I have to?
o05. drinks or shots: Drinks
o06. cats or dogs: Cats
o07. single or taken: Single (groan)
o08. pen or pencil: Pencil
o09. gloves or mittens: Gloves
o10. food or candy: Food
o11. cassette or cd: CD
o12. coke or pepsi: Coke
o13. hard or mild alcohol: I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that it may incriminate me.
o14. matches or a lighter: Lighter

o01. kill: Hans Zimmer, usually.
o02. hear from: Brad
o03. get really wasted with: suitboyskin
o04. look like: Robert Redford
o05. be like: Jimi Hendrix
o06. avoid: Conservatives
o07. have sex with: C E N S O R E D

o01. touched: I tapped my grandfather on the shoulder a few minutes ago
o02. talked to: My grandmother a few minutes after that
o03. hugged: My mom
o04. instant messaged: aerolynt
o05. kissed: My mom
o06. who broke your heart: C E N S O R E D

o01. eat: At home, usually
o02. dance: I don't dance
o03. cry: At home
o04. wish you were: At work

o01. dated one of your best friends?: Yes
o02. loved somebody so much it makes you cry?: Yes
o03. drank alcohol?: Yes
o04. done drugs?: Yes
o05. broken the law?: A little
o06. ran away from home?: No
o07. broken a bone?: Never
o08. cheated on a test?: No
o09. skinny dipped?: Yes
o10. played truth or dare?: Once
o11. flashed someone?: No
o12. mooned someone?: Yes
o13. kissed someone you didn't know?: No
o14. been on a talk show/game show?: No
o15. been in a fight?: No
o16. ridden in a fire truck?: No
o17. been on a plane?: Yes
o18. come close to dying?: No
o19. cheated on your boy/girlfriend?: No
o20. gave someone a piggy back/shoulder ride?: Yes
o21. eaten a worm/mud pie?: No
o22. swam in the ocean?: Yes
o23. had a nightmare/dream that made you wake up?: Yes

o01. food?: Pasta, chocolate...
o02. drink?: Water
o03. color?: Blue
o04. album?: Oh no, I ain't doing this Twilight Zone crap!
o05. shoes?: Sandals in the summer
o06. site?: Film Score Monthly
o07. dance?: I Don't Dance
o08. song?: Nope, I already said I ain't doing that Twilight Zone nonsense!
o09. vegetable?: Spinach
o10. fruit?: Bananas
o11. scent?: Mom's spaghetti sauce slow-cooking all day...

o01. the most embarrassing CD in your collection?: The promo I have of Gladiator
o02. your bedroom like?: A bit cluttered, arranged around the sound system
o03. your favorite thing for breakfast?: Eggs and corned beef hash.
o04. your favorite thing for lunch?: Heroes
o05. your favorite thing for dinner?: Pasta or steak or something
o06. your favorite restaurant?: Ohh... it's been a while since I've been to one...
o07. your most embarrassing moment?: When I was working at Tower, I was talking to one of my regulars, Joel, who had shown up. I went to help a customer, then tried to locate Joel again. I thought I found him looking at the Leonard Bernstein rack. I came up behind him and mentioned that I never liked Bernstein's acrobatics (although I have since developed quite a taste for his recordings of Aaron Copland's music). The person I was speaking to turned around - he was most definitely not Joel - and informed me that Bernstein was his conducting instructor at Julliard.

o01. a vegetarian?: Certainly not. If the animals didn't want to be eaten, they shouldn't taste that good.
o02. a good student?: Sometimes
o03. good at sports?: I was good at fencing once. I have no idea now.
o04. wakeboarding/snowboarding.. etc. What!?!
o05. a good singer?: No.
o06. a deep sleeper?: Yes.
o07. a good dancer?: I don't dance
o08. shy?: No
o09. outgoing?: "Outspoken" is more like it
o10. a good storyteller?: Yes

[What does your name mean?] It's biblical.
[Birthday?] 09-06-74
[Zodiac Sign?] If you care to figure it out from the date above, go ahead, but I loathe Astrology and its practitioners.
[What are your plans for tonight?] Class, movie then sleep.
[What time is it?] 5:07 PM

Have you ever...
[Taken a picture of yourself with a milk mustache and sent it to the milk people?] No
[Said "I love you" and not meant it?] Yes
[Gotten into a fight with your dog/cat/bird/fish/etc?] No
[Been to New York?] I live in New York
[California?] Yes
[Hawaii?] No
[Mexico?] No
[Philippines?] No
[Had a dream about something really crazy?] My dreams are crazy, when I remember them
[Stalked someone?] Whoa - I've been stalked, does that count?
[Had a mud bath?] No
[Wished you were the opposite gender?] No
[Had an imaginary friend?] No

Pick one
[Apples or Bananas?] Bananas
[Red or Blue?] Blue
[Wal-Mart or Target?] Target
[Spring or fall?] Fall
[Do you have a boy/girlfriend?] No (Groan)
[Santa or Rudolph?] Hanukah Harry?

Which of your friends...
[Has the most distinct laugh?] Dave
[Will grow up and be a model?] Are you kidding?
[Is going to have the most kids?] Tim, no doubt
[Have you known the longest?] Raz, I guess
[Knows you the best?] Tim
[Is the loudest?] Ryan
[Is the quietest?] Art
[Do you miss the most?] Brad

Just Wondering...
[What are you going to do after you finish this survey?] Go to class
[What was the last meal you ate?] The aforementioned beef stew lunch
[Are you bored?] In general
[How many of your buddies are online?] My brother, aerolyndt, and two others.

Which was the...
[Last movie you saw?] Sexy Beast at home; Ray in theaters
[Last noise you heard?] the radiator
[Last time you were out of state:] Thanksgiving, in Jersey
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