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"Oh, Ms. Polley... just one quick feel!!! Please?"

All right, I think that it's time to admit to myself and others that what rats are to suitboyskin, zombie movies are to me. Obviously, I was affected deeply by the wham-bang of seeing Night of the Living Dead and the remake of Dawn of the Dead in such close proximity to one another, but I thought that I had done quite a bit to put it behind me. Both films were far from my mind as I headed to bed last night. I had been working with suitboyskin on our film, and I had just finished Jack Mathews' The Battle of Brazil and was watching the laserdisc supplement on the film before I took my slumber.

That slumber didn't last long.

I don't usually have nightmares. Most of my dreams (the ones I remember) are pretty innocuous. Even the ones I don't remember have always been rather soothing. Sleep is a very peaceful process for me.

Not last night.


The zombies started attacking, and myself and a few other people ended up boarding ourselves into a grade school library. The most chilling moment was when we heard the zombies attacking a class. We could hear the kids screaming, and the librarian was clutching at her desk, repeating, "We are not opening that door... we are not opening that door..." Some of us watched them attack some kids in the playground from the window. I couldn't.

I woke up only two hours after I went to bed and was unable to get back to sleep again.

So, there you have it. After 30 years, I've finally found my big fear.

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