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The Best Exercize in Many Years

Power went off in New York State at 4:10 P.M. yesterday. I had just gotten off of work, and was glad I dawdled while changing out of my work suit otherwise I would have been trapped in the subway.

I walked from Broadway and Fulton Street up to and across the Queensborough Bridge. All that walking I used to do has paid off; my feet are sore, but my legs are fine.

I found it most amusing how vulnerable the human animal has become without the benefit of electric power. I don't mean physically, I mean mentally, emotionally. Every couple of blocks I'd come across the inevitable cadre of people all attempting to make telephone calls on their cellphones. Many of them would react negatively to my bemusement. I would try to explain to some of them that the cell services would be down, only to be reminded that the cellphones are battery-powered. I would then counter that the cell sites, the broadcast/recieve systems all depend on now non-existant power sources, and the few that were still powered would be overloaded, and I would get dirty looks and people would then continue desperately trying to get a free line. I am reminded of the old saw about a drowning man grasping tightly to a twig.

One of the most amusing elements of the whole thing have been the reactions of the politicians.
Bloomberg: Well, uh... we're setting up... uh... shelters in the city... (no information was being made available to the police, who were clueless unless they were rescuing people from the subway) uh... try and see if you can get a ride home, I mean, people will offer you rides... uh... well, the problem is that most of the buses are already operating at capacity at rush hour anyway, so...

Pataki: It definitely seems to be a lightning bolt on the Canadian side of the Niagra power plant... um... we're trying to get the system back up, and we expect parts of Queens to be coming back up soon, maybe about an hour (power was restored at my grandparent's house at 7:55 A.M. the next morning, ten hours after the statement was made, and parts of Queens remain darkened).

Bush: I'm working with the engineers (he's "working with engineers" in California) to try to make sure that the response is... uh... timely.

Clinton: Once again, I'm proud of New Yorkers for rising to the challenge.

Of all of the politicians interviewed, Hillary actually had the most relevant things to say. Of course, she was the only one that wasn't being asked what "she was doing about" the situation, so she didn't have to come up with a load of bullshit to prove that she was on top of it. Pataki and Bush seemed to be trying to imply that their shirtsleeves were rolled up and that they were getting down and dirty with the mechanics. Bloomberg came across as the second most ineffectual man in the galaxy (the first being an ex-friend of suitboyskin and mine).

It will take six to eight hours to restore subway service from the moment that full power is restored. Although power is back at this location, it isn't everywhere, so it looks like I have a day off ahead of me.
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