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The Road Trip of Doom

I went on a trip to see a friend of mine a few cities away. Without warning, my car started acting up on the way there. It finally died; my friend and I brought it to a service station.

The service station told me that the connecting rod has gone through the block, rendering the engine useless. Replacing the engine will cost $2400.

I called Saturn to see what the deal was with my warranty, explaining that I am out of city, out of state and everything. They referred me to the company that handles their warranties, Millenium. Millenium informed me that they can send an inspector withing 24-48 hrs to determine whether or not the damage to the vehicle is covered. If they decide it is not, then I am stuck not only for the aforementioned $2400 to fix the damn thing, but also another $1000 or so for the service station to tear the engine apart.

I don't have that.

I have called Saturn and explained that this kind of "rock and a hard place" warranty reflects negatively upon them, and they have agreed to talk to Millenium for me, although what the outcome will be of this, I can not say.

How this misadventure will effect my hours at work remains to be seen... I may not be able to make it tomorrow.
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