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Lester Swing Hits Boston!!!

From John Neder of Lester Swing:

Hello, hello, hello!!!

Christmas falls on a Saturday this year meaning half of the population is taking a vacation week that following week! You may have a destination picked and set, however, if you just planned on slackin' all week long, have we got news for YOU...

Lester Swing will be playing at O'Brien's in Boston, MA on Tuesday, December 28th. Showtime is slated for 10pm. The address is 3 Harvard Avenue (617-782-6245) in Allston (just outside Boston). It's going to be a night to remember and we'd love to see you there! Got friends or family in the Boston area??? Tell 'em L.S. is coming and that you gave them fair warning!!!

Also, Lester Swing is looking to form a street-team. For more information please go to our website (, click on the L.S. icon to access the messageboard (if you're not all means). Click on "STREET TEAM NEEDED".


Lester Swing would like to wish all of you, your families and your friends a very safe and memorable holiday...and yes, a Happy New Year. 2005 = record deals and tour-bus wheels!!! (knockin' wood)

Peace, love and all that falls between...

Spreadin' the word to all my Bostonian friends...

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