Joshua Gizelt (swashbuckler332) wrote,
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Happy New Year - 2005

...and happy birthday to Garcon, the lovely Golden Retriever who has been just about everybody's slut this weekend.

It is actually sojmething of a minor miracle that I am able to construct coherent sentences in print right now after whatever it was that I had done to myself last night. I do remember surfacing briefly for the countdown, but most of the rest of the night is a blur. A happy blur, however. I am having a damn good time. There was some full-contact Texas Hold 'Em going on recently.

I was invited into The James Brown Hot Tub, but just before I was ready to go in to it, there was an unexplained mass female migration out of it, turning it into The James Brown Hot Tub For Men, which just wasn't as appetizing a prospect...

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