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The Light At the End of the Tunnel

I have cleared up the issue with Verizon. As usual, it was a bureaucratic SNAFU. By being a bit more tenacious than they were lethargic, I managed to figure out what had happened, and my application was approved. I have just printed out the letter of credit. Tomorrow morning I go to school and register.

Furthermore, my uncle checked out the situation with the car. It turns out that most of the resistance from the warranty company is the specific place that the car was; this is understandable given that the mechanic's prices kept rising and rising. Arrangements are being made to move the car to a Toyota dealership.

Furthermore, Suitboyskin is on a creative rush and continues to send me more material, causing our screenplay to tighten even further.

I should buy a lottery ticket...

I have added two new reviews and for Jacob's Ladder by Maurice Jarre and X2 by John Ottman.

You can see my original comments about X2, both the film and the score, in my May 5th entry. One of the responses included a brief description of how I restructured the album to better reflect the film order, in which it plays better.

As should be apparent to anybody checking my "Now Playing" these past few days, I have gotten my hands on a 2 disc bootleg of X2 which has almost (but not quite) everything. I did have to re-edit the two of the cues ("We're Here To Stay" was the album version, with a tag at the end of it from the original version of the film's main title, which also appears at the end of "The Lake," which is the last cue before the end credits; I altered it so that "The Lake" goes directly into the end credits), but I have to say that I am extremely pleased with this score. Having the unreleased cues on CD shows many subtleties that were not so apparent in the film mix.

Of course, this puts me in a bit of a moral quandry. I love this score, but the only way I could hear as much of it as I have was to track down the bootleg. I do not, technically, approve of bootlegging. On the other hand, I was very dissatisfied with the official release of the album (which I did buy). So there is a tension between my loyalty to the artist and my greed for the music I want.

Greed seems to win a lot.

If Ottman releases a volume two of this score, I will buy it on general principle. If he releases a 2 disc set of the complete score (there are a few cues that aren't on the boot, but the primary ones are there) than I will be ecstatic.

Until then, I will listen to the version I prefer.
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