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No platform change for the Buckler

What I choose to use as my portable music platform is a particularly difficult question. While there are many people out there who can be satisfied with a couple of songs, I require the capacity for a gargantuan amount of music. Compare my CD collection to anybody else's. If you dare.

While I love my iRiver SlimX, I feel that the mp3 CD medium has run its course for me in terms of portable music. The discs are just too vulnerable and unweildy. There are a few alternatives.

The most obvious is the iPod. Although I like the idea of it, the interface sucks and there is no display on the available control stick. The thing is also mad expensive. The biggest problem, however, and the one that is most damning to it (as well as a major reason why I'm not bothering with an iPod knock-off) is that it has a maximum capacity. I will eventually need more than 40 gigs, and that means removable media if possible.

I therefore determined that I would instead be picking up the HiMD format. I bought the Sony 600 series, only to find that the software it came with refused to install the driver on my computer. I had my local computer expert take a look, and I also was on the phone with Sony for hours attempting to try to get it to work. It didn't, so I had to return the thing and try something else. Unfortunately, the HiMD format was perfect for me.

There is another aspect of this whole mess that makes the decisions even more difficult and that is this: I commute. And I don't mean that pussy commuting that you lame-asses outside of New York City do. I commute for real, on the subway. I don't fancy the idea of pulling an iPod or whatever I decide to get out of my pocket to play with it. The solution to that is, of course, a remote control. My old MD player and the iRiver both had remotes. They made it much easier to control everything. The thing about the iPod's remote is that it doesn't have a display on it. Sorry to be such a picky bitch, but if you're going to have a million tracks in your player, you need to have some way to cycle through them.

I don't know what I'm going to do now. At the moment, I am leaning towards a hard-drive based system, but I need to know that what I get will have the control stick...

Damn. When did this get so hard?

My favorite of the hard drive based players I've seen so far is the iRiver H140... which is no longer being made.


Wickedly funny and drier than the Gobi desert, Sideways should lay to rest any lingering doubts about Paul Giamatti's talent after American Splendor. The film is ostensibly about two guys roaming around California wine country, but it is really about relationships, determination, self-image and many other things. This is not a laugh riot in the way that most American comedies are; in fact, it put me in the mind of a sharp European comedy from time to time, which is the reaction I often have to the films of Alexander Payne. Giamatti is brilliant, managing to convey every emotion to the audience, even those the character is keeping beneath the surface. Thomas Haden Church manages to be both charming and vacuous, and Virginia Madsen and Sandra Oh both turn in believable performances.
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