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Status Report

My grandfather fell and hit his head yesterday afternoon. He was rushed to the hospital, where he underwent some tests, but it seems that there was no real damage. He was sent home, which is where his is now.

* * *

I managed to cancel my graduation, but now I must actually go to the class I need to take in order to overtally into it. According to JoAnne (the department administrator), my class standing should keep me from having any problems. The class is on Thursday evenings, so there won't be any interference with work.

* * *

On a much, much brighter note, upon my arrival home I found the package with several of the discs I had ordered (which means that they made it in record time), including Jerry Goldsmith and Morton Stevens' complete music from the Masada television mini-series, the Robert J. Kral sampler with music from Season and Angel, and the two Christophe Beck Buffy promos at long last. The latter two I devoured immediately and put together a comprehensive Buffy mp3 CD with all of the music related to the series I could find.

Root Folder
Nerf Herder - Main Title Theme

Season 2 (Beck)
Christophe Beck promo

Season 3 (Beck)
Christophe Beck promo

Season 4 (Beck)
"Hush" and "Restless" suites from the Once More With Feeling disc

Season 5 (Beck)
"The Gift" cue from the Once More With Feeling disc

Season 6 - Once More With Feeling (Whedon/Beck)
The musical sequences from Once More With Feeling

Season 7 a (Romayne)
Selections from his website

Season 7 b (Duncan)
Selections from his website

The Bronze
Complete non-score contents of the first Buffy album and the two different "Radio Sunnydale" albums

As near as I can tell, this is all that's available at the moment save for a promo with Shawn K. Clement and Sean Murray's work for the second season that I now have on order.

It's nice to be able to be proactive in pursuit of my hobbies once more.

A CD with Robert J. Kral's music scores for Angel is being released in February. Cool beans.
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