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Although I outlined most of what's going on in the status report I posted earlier today, aerolyndt pointed out to me that I neglected an important one, my academics.

Glancing over the journal, I see I have not ever explained what the problem with my graduation was.

Over ten years ago, I took Communications Arts and Sciences 144: Media Analysis and Criticism. I recieved the grad of C-. In order to get a degree in Media Studies from Queens College, one must pass all of your major courses with a C or better. So I am basically half a grade away from graduating.

The course has a new analogue, Media Studies 300W, which, as you can see is offered on Thursday evenings, so it won't interfere with work. It is also closed out, but my class standing will apparently make it absolutely no difficulty to overtally into the class on the first day, according to Media Studies secretary JoAnne. So, I do have to take one class next semester, but it's one I expect to do quite well in (I got a C- in that class all those years ago because I really didn't care; now I'm much more motivated and have had ten years to internalize much of the topic). So, while it is inconvenient that I can't graduate right now, at least the obstacles are easily surmountable.

Budda-boom, budda-bing-bam-boom.
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