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Creative Fun

As I discussed in a previous entry, I recently moved from the mp3 CD based portable music system to the hard drive based. While I didn't quite do it in style, with the iRiver that I was looking at, I do have to say that I am already seeing the distinct advantages the Creative has over my former system above and beyond simple capacity.

When I got home, I realized that Steven (my stepfather) has the exact same unit as I got, only the 30 gig edition. This was great because it meant that all of the software was already on his computer. I was able to jack straight in and transfer files immediately, so even though I haven't installed the USB 2.0 port on my computer yet, I have a whole lot of music on the unit already, culled from the CDs that I had with me for the iRiver. I also found that much of the management software consists of programs I already have on my computer, as they came with my sound card. Another point of interest is that the software allows me to rip directly to the unit itself, which means that I don't necessarily have to take up hard drive space with the mp3 files.

The capacity is the greatest advantage; I have the equivalent of fourteen or fifteen mp3 CDs already loaded onto the device, along with a few direct CD rips of some of my more recent aquisitions. The thing about it, though is that the file accessing is instantaneous. I can go from a track from Lifeforce to a "Custard Pie," and the only amount of time it takes to do so is the time I spend searching for "Custard Pie."

While the lack of a control stick is a bit annoying, the fact is that the unit fits comfortably in my jacket breast pocket and comes with a rather convenient case with a belt clip on it (sounds like that will see some use in the summer); the ability to have all of this music at once is something that is still sinking in. It's a good feeling, too...
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