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All Employees Must Wash Genitals

A C T E R N A - 1 0 7 a
T Carrier Signal Analyzer

Since I have reported back to work, I have been sent out with other technicians as a helper. This is because I have no tools. While this means that I have almost no responsibility, it also means that my day is dependent upon the whims (and skill) of the techs that I'm on a helper ticket with. My day is not my own. I'm getting tired of it... I'm a damn good T-1 technician, and I'm being forced to work with people whose work habits are not my own, and may not have the same familiarity with that particular type of circuit that I do. I want my own tools. I want my own work.

I finally mentioned this to my foreman, who told me that he had no tools available for me, and that he would not be able to get me a T-Berd (T-1 test equipment, pictured above). This means that I'd be stuck doing voice circuits (groan) and digitals (agh!).

That does it. Come Monday, I'm going to talk to my chief steward about getting myself transferred back over to the East Side. Apparently, they're looking to get rid of somebody there who would prefer to work on the West Side (and who is apparently is fucking up jobs left and right until he gets his way, but you didn't hear that fom me), and so there may well be a slot open for me in my home district of 56th Street.

We'll see.

So, you're the one who pushed the red button of death, aren't you?
You couldn't resist; after all, it's in your blood.
There's something about the screams of innocents that makes you smile,
and carnage isn't all that bad as long as you're on top of the bodies in the end...
Well done in doing what centuries of madmen couldn't.
You survived the end by causing it, and being in control of it...

How would you survive the end of the world?
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