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College accepted my Letter Of Credit from Verizon, and this morning I registered for 16 credits. Ha!!!

Furthermore, my car has been moved from the crook in Avon to a Toyota dealership in Weymouth which has a relationship with Millenium, so that is a load off of my mind as well.

I had an extremely productive night yesterday.

After I got home, I took a nice, long walk with my headphones on (I love my iRiver!) and had not one but two brainstorms about the structure and discourse of the film that I am writing with Suitboyskin which I proceeded to share with him. He was intrigued by my ideas, (which, happily enough, fit perfectly into what we had written already) and we will be working with them soon.

I have had such an electric need to create lately; luckily my restlessness appears to be coming at the same time as my collaborator's. One more reason why this project is going so smoothly...

I then retired to view Jean-Luc Godard's Pierrot Le Fou, one of the few films the iconoclastic filmmaker made in widescreen and color, and was fascinated anew by Godard's acumen; there are several different levels one can read this film, some of which I didn't really understand only a few months ago. It is wonderful to revisit the work of an artist and rediscover the fruits of their talents.

Godard is one of those filmmakers who is a primary inspiration to me. Each picture he makes is infused with his joy at working with the medium, and the effect is infectious.

My review of X2 was accidentally submitted missing a paragraph. I have since contacted the site administrator and the paragraph has been reinstated. Thanks to PeterK of for his patience.
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