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Not the kind of snow you're used to in California, is it Mr. Roth, Year II

That huge blizzard that cut a swath through the northeast area of the United States caused us to cancel yesterday's game of Risk. Interestingly, the complete lack of anything else to do has allowed me to watch a shitload of movies (more on them in an upcoming entry) and make some serious headway into the monolithic mess that is my apartment; some cleaning, some maintainence, hence the comment about duct tape the other day... I needed to reseal the air conditioner as freezing cold gusts were making it through. I actually did trudge all the way to Ballbuster and back three times... I didn't mind too much because I dressed warmly and have this Nomad.

The real bitch was this morning, when I had to wait a half hour for two buses to show up at once, and the train was packed tighter than a sardine can. The real pretty part of the journey, though, was the slippery, muddy sludge on the floor at the base of the escalator at the Flushing 7 train station.

Yesterday I got some Carr's table water crackers in order to eat those cheeses I picked up at Fairway last week. The Stilton was particularly good, that standby Old Amsterdam and I had a supersharp cheddar (I'm saving that) but the English Stinking Bishop (I'm not shitting you, that's the name of it) was the real prize. It was very creamy, and it had an extremely earthy flavor. Unfortunately, the fact is that it smells like somebody farted out a vintage World War I trench rot surprise foot.
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