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Well, I am coming down off the fence. I was going to wait for the 4 disc set of The Two Towers, but it looks like the DVD-R I had of the screener is not coming back my way... but the picture on the official DVD is much better than the one I had (and the television I saw it on was a regular tube, not 16X9), though the sound is not all that different, although the system I saw it demoed on, while a 5.1 system, didn't have the capability for EX decoding for the center rear channel. Plus, the previews for the extended version and The Return of the King were most phat. So, I am sold. I will buy The Two Towers 2 disc set.

The picture on the DVD is brighter than the theatrical prints of the film. The Two Towers is a perfect example of why the Super 35 format sucks ass. If one saw the film in the theater, one saw murky, grainy prints. Interestingly, the picture on the trailers on the second disc were even better than the feature. All this points to an astounding 4 disc set, the one for The Fellowship of the Ring being a much more detailed picture (possible by splitting the film to two discs) and the DTS-ES 6.1 track is one of my favorites. Apparently, the extended version of The Two Towers will contain a whopping 46 minutes of additional footage. And, judging from the preview on the disc, it will be... effing... awesome.

The main thing here, though, is the 10 minute bit about The Return of the King. I don't know how they will get all that's left into 3 hours (I know they're jettisoning the scouring of the Shire, but still...) but the footage shown here is astounding. It looks like they're going to do Frodo right. It's frickin' August. Three more agonizing months to go.

I have not watched the original version of The Fellowship of the Ring since the extended version came out. I found the additional footage added a lot of depth and character development to the story. On the other hand, the theatrical version is something I want to hang on to. It is, after all, what I saw in the theater all those times... yes, Waystone, I know you have me beat, but on the other hand, I... uh... I... I enjoyed it more!!! Yeah! That's it! I liked it better...

Seriously, there is a sort of nostalgic feeling I get thinking about those heady days when, several months later it was still out, and Raz and I would be out and about, and one of us would look at the other and say, "Want to go see it again?" How much fight could the other (whichever one of us it was) put up? So, I think the theatrical version of the film is something that I'll return to someday.

Nevertheless, I thought that there was quite a bit in the extended version of Fellowship that dovetailed neatly into The Two Towers. I'd like to see how the theatrical versions fit together someday. Another day, when I'm feeling really ambitious, I'll see how the extended versions fit together. One day in late 2004, when I have all three, I'll sit down and watch them. I'm looking forward to it.

But for now... The Return of the King... I love that shot of Gandalf and Pippin on Shadowfax galloping into Minas Tirith... drool...

I came to crash at my parents' house, only to find that I left my shoes for work at home.

I can either spend all day tomorrow trying to retrieve them, or ask for Steven's car tomorrow night to go get them. Considering that I am going to be house-sitting for them (pool!!!) I think that he'll let me have it for the night. Not sure, though.
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