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Despite my own rather reasonable expectations of failure, I have found that I actually accomplished quite a lot of cleaning this weekend. I just didn't procrastinate as much as I might have. I must be losing my touch.

Naturally, as soon as I vacuumed, I spilled crumbs all over the carpet, forcing me to re-vacuum. I never washed any of my cars because it would always rain afterwards as well.

M O V I E S !

The Bourne Supremacy

The Bourne Identity was an entertaining thriller centered around a fantastic performance by Matt Damon. The Bourne Supremacy is even more entertaining, edgier, grittier and darker. If the point of the first film is how Bourne reacts to adversity through cold logic, the sequel is about that character (and the system that created him) beginning to unravel.

Shot entirely hand-held by Oliver Wood and frenetically cut Richard Pearson and Christopher Rouse, The Bourne Supremacy hearkens back to the 70s for its aesthetic, an aspect which is buttressed by the impressive cast (Brian Cox and Julia Stiles return from the first film, and are joined by Joan Allen, Karl Urban and Martin Csokas). The plotting is dense, but never difficult to follow, particularly if one is familiar with the first film. I'm not the biggest John Powell fan in the world, but his score for the first film was appropriate, and his music for this one is extremely effective.

Without A Paddle

The beginning of this film seemed to be going in a nice direction. Because the characters have just turned thirty, and we are seeing flashbacks to their youth, all of their pop-culture references matched mine exactly. Then the movie proper got started, and it was all downhill from there.

Although Martin Brill's comedy is amiable enough, it never really develops into anything much more than City Slickers meets Deliverance. Seth Green, Matthew Lilliard and Dax Shepard are fine, and have charisma, but writer/director Steven Brill doesn't really do much with them. The comedy isn't really that funny, and the character's self-revelations don't make up for it.

While this was indeed a game effort - it's very good-natured for most of the way, attempting to avoid blatant gross-out humor - it ultimately doesn't add up to much.

G A M E S !

"Shall we play?"

At long last, Dave and Tim came over and we got a chance to play the Scene It 007 game. It was great fun. For some reason, the first game we played had the easiest questions, but soon enough the cards and clips became more and more difficult. We played the game three times in rapid succession.

The annoying thing about this game is that I can think of one person right off the bat who could compete with us (suitboyskin)... but nobody else. To be frank, this was a game that seemed to have designed entirely for our particular clique.

I am going to pick up the standard version of the Scene It game, along with the sequel pack, very shortly.


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