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Joe's Beesh

Class begins tonight. I got a haircut last night.

There was a representative from one of the companies responsible for the creation of the cards that we use. He was introducing several features of the new cards and bays that we are going to be using. They would allow us to patch into the mux with a laptop (raise your hand if you're a field tech with a laptop... oh, nobody?) and provision of the slot. The options will stay programmed into the bay through the control card, and also the cards themselves, so replacement of a card with another of the same type will allow the mux to automatically program it.

It'll never work.

I also finally got a straight answer as to why the old HDSL cards aren't compatible with the new HDSL4 cards; when the two-wire T-1 cards were introduced by PairGain with their Solitaire series (later ADC), a shift occured to the more efficient TC-PAM system, which increases the span. While the new repeaters can power the remote cards, they are not actually compatible with one another because of the different data transmission system.

After this desert-dry melange of serial numbers, I am eager to get to class tonight to sink my teeth in to some nice, meaty semiotics. Fuck technical seminars.

Spam, spam, spam, spam
Lovely spam, wonderful spam...

My stepdad left me a cryptic text message on my phone a few days ago. Because my phone had run out of juice that day, I didn't get it for a few hours. I frantically called back, fearing that there may have been an emergency. Steven never calls me.

When I finally got back to him, however, the news he had was much more joyous: he had gotten us all tickets to Spam-A-Lot on Saturday, April 23rd. We're all really excited. We're a very dysfunctional family, but there are a few things that will always bring us together: Young Frankenstein, Die Hard at Christmastime, Trading Places at New Years'... and, of course, Monty Python.

Busboy Arthur

Despite some very exhilirating battle sequences, this film fell very flat for me. Jerry Bruckheimer tried to bridge his standard retard-o-tastic slickness with Antoine Fuqua's endeavor at telling his story with a gritty realism, and the result is very, very messy. Don't get me wrong, we were long overdue for a film that accurately portrays Christianity as a dark and spreading stain on the face of Europe, but unfortunately there isn't much else to recommend the picture.

The film makes a rather unconvincing attempt to portray itself as the story behind the myth, but Clive Owen's Arthur is the standard King Arthur of legend, merely transposed a thousand years earlier, and moaning about many of the same platitudes about Rome that screenwriter David Franzoni previously exhausted in Gladiator. There is also a mission that is very derivative of the central storyline of Saving Private Ryan (to which this film owes much debt as well). The re-imagining of Guinevere as a Pictish warrior doesn't really amount to much either, although that is not Keira Knightley's fault. Stefan Scotchgard... er... Stellan Skarsgård makes a great villain, though, and it is he who makes the final battle worth viewing. The rest of the cast is pretty game, with Ray Winstone being a standout performer, as usual, but unfortunately Franzoni can't decide whether he's doing grit or epic.

Slawomir Idziak's scope ratio compositions suffer from the same "two masters" problem that the rest of the film has, although Dan Weil's production design is interesting, showcasing a period of history that is usually skipped over. Hans Zimmer's score is pretty awful, but it isn't as painful while watching the film as it might have been. There are even a few minutes towards the end that are almost (but not quite) good. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting it to be, but it was still crap.

The film is worth a free rental if you plan to skip directly to the battle sequences. Otherwise, it's pretty much a lot of sound and fury signifying jack shit. Fuqua has a lot of talent, though, and it is a filthy shame that it would be wasted on something as shitty as this. It's just further proof that the world would be a better place if Jerry Bruckheimer were to be brutally slaughtered before he produced another film.

"Should we fuck with their heads again this year?"
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