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It's still up in the air as to whether I am getting overtallied into that class or not. The professor is the same guy who taught the theory of film class I had last semester, and he seemed like he had no objections to me being in the class. I have to pester JoAnne today until she relents.

It's going to be a good class. I can tell because the screening on the first day was MST3K's take on Gamera vs. Zigra (it was a Joel episode).

Movie Quote of the Week

The Usual Suspects


McMannus. He told us a another story altogether.


Ohh, is that the one about the hooker with, um, dysentery?

My beeper, which had been making strange noises all weekend, made a loud one in class last night. I turned it off, and left it off all night. When I put it on this morning, I found that it had frozen when I turned it off. I couldn't restart it, so I pulled the battery out and replaced it when I got to work. Then the beeper went fucking bonkers. Now I am once again beeperless. It stands to reason that dispatch would be frantically paging me today...

"Camelot!" "Camelot!" "Camelot!"
"It's only a model."

I'm still reeling from the badness of King Arthur. You know a movie has really got to be lousy if the most interesting swordfight is between the only two guys who don't have the gimmicky fighting styles. Furthermore, as everybody reading this should have guessed by now, I'm a sucker for that Seven Samurai against-the-odds kind of swordplay thing... and this movie just really pissed it away. Yuck.
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