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Snakes in the woodshed!!!

I am worth $73,704,165.22 for one night of wild lovin'! How much are you worth?
Get my worth

suitboyskin is a cheap slut.

This was making the rounds:

An Inaugural Meditation

Dubya is my shepherd; I dwell in want.

He maketh logs to be cut down in national forests.

He leadeth trucks into the still wilderness.

He restoreth my fears.

He leadeth me in the paths of international disgrace for his ego's sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of pollution and war, I will find no exit, for thou art in office.

Thy tax cuts for the rich and thy media control, they discomfort me.

Thou preparest an agenda of deception in the presence of thy religion.

Thou anointest my head with foreign oil.

My health insurance runneth out.

Surely megalomania and false patriotism shall follow me all the days of thy term,

And my jobless child shall dwell in my basement forever.


Tip your bartender*.

As much as I dislike football, I still have a vested interest in finding out what the scores were at each quarter. Three guesses why and the first two don't count.

Jamdat makes a version of ScrabbleTM for the cellphone. I downloaded it a couple of days ago and have been having a pretty good time with it. The phone goes online to verify your plays (though it doesn't interfere with incoming calls) and the rules are exactly the same as standard ScrabbleTM. It can be played with other people either by passing the phone or if they have the game on their phone, you can play on the network.

The only problem I have with it is that if you're playing a single player game, the computer will not forfeit if you're both passing. That's a drag. Otherwise, it's a blast.

Screen shots


* This was actually supposed to be a post yesterday that I was going to make from my phone, but I was unable to sign on at the time. It has been included for the sake of completeness. Pay it no mind.
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