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Today I helped my mother out with some of Zach's bar mitzvah reception decor (Atlantis resort motif), helped her and my stepfather fight back a horrid plumbing leak, did some serious hanging out with some friends (we're starting the mix-offs up again; I'm judging a "Best of the '90s" mix)... then I went through the 4/29/04 draft of Ecology with a fine-tooth comb and sent suitboyskin a mammoth, very detailed e-mail with comments, suggestions and questions for discussion.

It's been a long but very productive day.

suitboyskin and I have been really getting back into Ecology recently, and it's been great. There's been a bit of time, so reading through the screenplay again (it's the first time in a while that I really have) was a lot of fun. I only hope that good old Suit doesn't blow a gasket when he sees how long the message I sent him was.

And this coming right off his performance as Magenta. I hope the elbow sex was satisfying, because it looks like its time to get back into the trenches again... it's time to whip this thing into shootable shape.
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