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Another satisfied Verizon customer

There is a new item that Verizon offers called a Shark. It's a T-1, but instead of dropping it off at the smartjack, we are then expected to install a unit that breaks the signal down in a pre-programmed manner. In this way, the customer does not need to use a CSU (Customer Service Unit, the T-1 modem) in order to break down the signal into data and/or dial tones. It is being aggressively marketed to small businesses.

The thing is that, while the salespeople promote the fact that T-1s tend to be carried on fiber, often the customers ordering these units are in buildings with no mux (fiber multiplexer that converts the optical signal into an electrical one that can be transported along copper), so they are being serviced by copper undergrounds anyway. To the client, the Shark sounds like the answer to all their prayers, but if they have chronic copper problems, the Shark would be subject to them as well (actually, more vulnerable to them, as dial tone can travel over almost any condition of copper, while T-1s are more delicate). Only instead of one of their lines going down, everything goes down at once. This could, concievably, put a customer out of business if they don't have a backup.

Ain't it grand?

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A friend of mine who occassionally reads this page expressed surprise over the tone of my "Weird" entry from yesterday. He is not an LJ user himself, so he is not privy to the more restricted entries that I post (he would be on my friends' list were he to be so, but he is not), so it is easy to see how that would appear shocking. Certainly those who do have access to the unexpurgated journal have seen that type of post in the past.

The reason why I didn't bother restricting the post, as I usually do about more personal topics, is because I don't really feel I need much privacy on the subject. I have no relationship with my father to speak of, and so there is really nothing exploitable there. I am somewhat bitter about how things ended up between us, but not because I have any warm fuzzies towards him, and it is not something I feel particularly vulnerable about. It is simply what it is.
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