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The lunatics are up your ass...

Requiem For A Suit

suitboyskin, what's going on!?! Reply in Gordonspeak if you need to.


Krazy Glue or New Headphones?

My portable Sennheiser headphones have broken... the right speaker came off. I can either replace them (which would be not-too-costly, but moderately inconvenient), or attempt to Krazy Glue them back together. I have bought the Krazy Glue so that I can make the effort, figuring that if I need to replace them (groan), I can do so later.

I really liked the headphones, though. They don't look like much (they actually look decidedly retro, like a pair of '80s Walkman headphones), but they are warm and deep. I guess the best way to describe how these sound is... analog. I felt they were the perfect match for the Nomad... a shitload of music, and it all sounded great. I have therefore determined that if I do need to buy a new set of 'phones, it will be the same model (PX 100).
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