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Last night I remembered that I had class today... and that I had an essay due. I pulled an aerolyndt and wrote an essay on my writer's block. Don't worry, aerolyndt, I credited you properly as the originator. I also gave the professor your home number so he can chide you for being such a bad influence on me.

I'm just kidding about that last part.

Mucho Dinero

As it turns out, regular term classes are almost three times as expensive as the summer class I took. Since I had to pay within 48 hours of overtallying into the class for which I produced the above stupidity, I ended up shelling out over six hundred dollars for the class. While I can afford it, it nevertheless sets me back somewhat. I need new boots for work as well; these old ones are getting really bad. I've heard that there is now a pair of OSHA approved sneakers, which sounds like an good deal. I was able to spend two dollars on a tube of Krazy Glue rather than a mint on a new pair of headphones, though, so I got that going for me...

Sheryl Lee and Craig Sheffer
apparently boink a few times in Bliss

I have not yet heard a positive word on the film Bliss, other than that the score by Jan A.P. Kaczmarek was supposed to be divine. While I had been aware of the score for some time, it took a post on the Film Score Monthly message boards to make me seek it out. I found it dirt cheap and ordered it. The CD was waiting for me when I got home last night and it is phenomenal. I plan to write a bit more about it when I've had more time to listen to it.

I keep writing posts about new music that I've discovered. This is not because I like everything I hear (I was disappointed by the FSM Gerald Fried set, for example), but rather because I just spent about six months not really discovering much in the way of new music at all. For somebody who is as much of a music junkie as myself (let's face it, I'm hemming and hawing because 40 gigs of music isn't enough for me), this is a big, big deal. I also do feel a certain amount of responsibility to the genre of music that I love so much; it's just such a niche market that I feel it worthwhile to get the word out on stuff I like. This is certainly how I discovered Death Rides A Horse and Bliss.

You scored as Buffy Summers. You are a very strong individual. You do, however, have some trouble admitting how you truly feel. You've experienced a lot during your life, but you more than manage. Always willing to help, you're a great friend.


Buffy Summers




Dawn Summers


Rupert Giles


Willow Rosenberg


Tara Maclay




Xander Harris


Which Buffy The Vampire Slayer Character Are You Most Like!?
created with

Well, so much for getting something more obscure... looks like I was almost Spike (which one?) or Dawn, too...
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