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Da daaa dump! Da daaa dump! Da daaaaaaa da da da dump!*

Now that I have my own tools and my own work, the incentive to come over to the East Side is somewhat diminished. While I probably would be more comfortable there (it would certainly make for easier commutes from my hole), they have a ball-busting foreman over there and I have an extremely laid back one.

There is an interesting aspect of the West Side though, that ties into a (friends only) thread on aerolyndt's journal: cats.

Yes, there are many cats on the West Side. Buildings keep them as mousers and businesses keep them because... I don't know why. I guess that there are many West Side firms that were founded by cat people and that keeping cats in the office is just a tradition by now. I don't know. All I do know is that there are cats all over the place. It's nice.

No, I didn't have the chance to check out Bliss last night, although I did recieve this month's issue of Video Watchdog, which has some interesting yet disturbing information about the DVD of California Split that I was drooling over in a previous entry. Apparently, music rights issues have caused the film to be shorn of about three minutes of its running time. Phooey.

* That's the Rebel fanfare from Star Wars, stoopid!
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