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Well, that went well.

I loathe commercials. I also hate the idea of having to wait until a certain point in the week to find out what happens next. My preference for viewing is that it is done on my own terms. As a result, I don't like to watch television.

On the other hand, this new phenomenon of TV shows on DVD is a revelation to me. An entire season (which makes most of the purchases rather cost-effective) is available at once. This means that I can enjoy the long-form drama without the pesky commercial breaks or having to wait a week between episodes. And, save for the made-for-cable series, which have looser guidelines for time slots, there is usually a set running time for each show, allowing somebody to have an idea as to when they may be finished watching.

Unfortunately, it also means that I won't really "discover" a program until it appears on DVD. In the case of Firefly, that means that I missed the opportunity to take part in any of the campaigns to save the show, although the September release of Serenity (which will apparently take place six months after the last episode) is something that I am looking forward to with great relish.

Again, I will have more to say about Firefly in a little while, but I just wanted to say that I enjoyed this show immensely and spotlights another reason I dislike television so much: it's run by morons who just want the same thing over and over again. Firefly was cancelled before it had a chance to develop, and given Joss Whedon's track record, would no doubt have been another hit. I do hope that Serenity does well, just to shove it in Fox's faces, but the cancellation of Angel despite its ratings proves that suits just shouldn't be allowed in the programming offices.

Perhaps TV would improve if the shows on it were better concieved. While TV drama has improved, I've yet to see a modern sitcom that stretches the genre at all. The idea that people want the exact same thing over and over again is one that comes entirely from a profit model; if the mean level of intelligence on the boob tube were raised, then the level of American entertainment might rise.

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Incidentally, I found my really comfy sweatpants, so it was not necessary for me to rip out anybody's entrails and eat them. I just did that for fun.
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