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Much better than I said it was.

One of the greatest hazards of any sort of criticism is that one's first impression does not necessarily convey how a work holds up over time. A case in point would be my review of Million Dollar Baby. My initial reaction was one of disappointment, and I now believe that to be a reaction to the kind of press the movie was getting before I saw it.

It is the mark of a good film that it lives in the mind long after the end credits scroll is over, and I have to admit that Million Dollar Baby has been on my mind for the past week. The story and the two central characters keep coming back to haunt me, and there are moments in the film that have been replaying themselves since I first saw them.

The film is actually filled with some hard truths, such as that the ultra-tough Hillary Swank character is totally vulnerable to the contempt that her family shows her; it is only when she is physically incapacitated that she finds the strength to deal with them. Clint Eastwood's beautifully modulated performance is another element of the film that refuses to fade away; it's so good that it it doesn't look like acting at all.

I am not amending my original review of the film. I feel that it is important to be honest about these things because the truth is that first impressions are not always the whole story. My first impression of Million Dollar Baby was that it was good but not great, but as time passes it has grown in stature in my mind in a way that only a certain amount of distance and perspective can allow. I am not perfect, and I make mistakes, but I also believe that one's concept of a film can change over time - in fact, it's the only thing that does; with the exception of alternate cuts, bad prints and panning-and-scanning, the only thing that changes each time that you watch a film is yourself. That is its nature, it is a technological medium.

I have to return my T-Berd to the office today because on Monday I am to report to my old district of 56th Street. This district covers the East Side, Fifth Avenue to the water (including Roosevelt Island) from around 46th up to about 63rd (my spot is conveniently located on Lexington and 51st). For those of you who either aren't from New York, or have only hazy memories of Manhattan, I'm going from the left side of this map to the right.

The East Side is mostly newer buildings, so the copper is better and there's a lot more fiber. This makes my job much, much more convenient for obvious reasons. I just hope that I won't end up with a heavy 209 T-Berd. Ugh.

I will miss the cats, though. Yesterday I was in a building with the very friendly Mia, who is very sweet. She also had complete run of the complex, which included trodding upon the fax machine, which was rather amusing. It's nice to know that my feelings on cats tend to be mutual. They can recognize cat people, it seems.

That's not a picture of Mia, but that's what she looked like.

* * *

I got my paper on why I didn't write a paper back from Cornell yesterday. He liked it, which is nice. I also got my test back from last semester and found, to my surprise, that I didn't do that well in it. When I commented on this, he said that he doesn't think that he will be giving multiple choice tests anymore, or that he will make the grade depend more on the writing. I obviously understood the concepts as was demonstrated by my writings, but I hate multiple choice tests. I know that makes me an anomaly among students, but give me the chance to explain myself any time and I will acquit myself. Make me dependent entirely on canned facts, and I sort of flounder.

create your own visited states map
or check out these Google Hacks.

I've been to or through over half the states in the Union, and I didn't notice until I took this silly quiz. See, the things you find out about yourself through blogging? To be fair, many of these states were ones that I only stopped in briefly during my cross country trip, but I did, technically visit them.

On Tuesday, I decided to leave my hat at home, and proceed through the day without it. This is my third day without the hat, and may I just say that the world is a lot colder than I remember it being before I started losing my hair...
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