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Danse macabre

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1. movies (5) 11. ranting (3)
2. monty python (4) 12. doctor who (3)
3. music (4) 13. douglas adams (3)
4. star trek (4) 14. star wars (3)
5. reading (4) 15. x men (3)
6. harry potter (4) 16. neil gaiman (3)
7. science fiction (4) 17. red dwarf (3)
8. deep space nine (3) 18. cheese (3)
9. comic books (3) 19. the tick (3)
10. charles de lint (3) 20. art (3)
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My most interesting friend is suitboyskin who has 19 of these interests,
followed by satyrninus (18), megthelegend (16) and rhakka (3).
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My friends are 63.1% normal.
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Yes, I bit the bullet and bought myself a paid account. I will be adjusting the look of my LJ soon enough (I have no idea what effect, if any, that will have on how my entries will show up on everybody's friends lists, but the page will be available at http://swashbuckler332/ as well. As it stands, I have already started expanding my base of icons. I plan to keep the existing Hitchcock, Egon and Dude icons, but they have thus far been supplemented by Theoden King, Robert Altman, an alien and Jerry Goldsmith, which is my new default icon. The Goldsmith picture is actually an important one to me; I found a book by Randall Larson called Cinema Fantastique: A Survey of Music for the Fantastic Cinema in the Queens College library, which had this picture in it. It was the first photograph I had ever seen of this man whose music had inspired me throughout junior high and high school, and his impish appearance was exactly what I expected it to be. This picture is from the early eighties (before the ponytail).
Tags: film music, memes
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