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Come for me!!!

Here are the latin lyrics from The Lion in Winter for no reason other than I damn well feel like it.
Regis regum rectissimi
prope est dies domini,
dies irae et vindictae,

tenebrarum et nebulae
diesque mirabilium
tonitruorum fortium,
dies quoque angustiae,
maeroris ac tristitiae.

English text:

Day of the king most righteous,
The day is nigh at hand,
The day of wrath and vengeance,

And darkness on the land.
Day of thick clouds and voices,
Of mighty thundering,
A day of narrow anguish
And bitter sorrowing.

Despite the doom and gloom of these lines, I am actually in a pretty decent mood today. I got a good night's sleep (sorry, suitboyskin), and my new foreman appears to be moderately laid back towards his own gang. I am not, as expected, in 56th Street, but I am on the East Side, only further downtown. It's a much better deal than I had before (no Hell's Kitchen!).
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