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We got our annual profitsharing checks today! Yippee!!!

Coming back to Manhattan is wonderful on many levels, but it is also something of a strain on the wallet. While I am certainly making a decent living, these past two years have shown the value of frugality (thanks to waystone, however, I no longer smoke, which at $7.50 a pack is prohibitive). Because I spend at least eight hours a day in this borough, I do have to eat here, and that can be expensive.

However, I am not the only person in my hole to be suffering from this issue, and since brownbagging is such a royal pain in the ass, we have all decided to pool our resources, take a walk down to the supermarket and get bread, cold cuts, cheese, roasted red peppers and the like, with periodical purchases of mayonnaise, mustard and cases of water. The results are the same as brownbagging, but its a lot more convenient (plus it's fun to go supermarket shopping with your friends; it's amazing what kind of shit you find there). As a result, I have spent the same amount on a week's worth of lunch as I would for two days, plus it's available whenever I want it.

"I love this God person.
He's so deliciously evil!"

Tim has lent me his Family Guy DVDs. I don't think I'll ever be the same.
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