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My version of John Ottman's X2

I have taken the official album and the expanded bootleg and created my own version of the X2 score. The track listing is as follows...

DISC ONE (51:02)

01. Overture (7:13) - album
"Suite from X2" on the Decca album.

02. Main Title (1:05) - bootleg
Different recording from the elements used on the album.

03. White House Attack* (3:14) - bootleg
Americana leads into an arrangement of Mozart's Requiem Mass beefed up with brass and percussion.

04. Alkali Lake (1:58) - bootleg
Very bold, expansive, epic cue.

05. Permission (1:01) - bootleg
Dark and sinister.

06. Cerebro (1:27) - album

07. Sneaky Mystique (3:59) - bootleg
Complete cue, album version is edited. This presents Mystique's slinky theme, which is one of the best in the score. It also introduces the percussion for the Lady Deathstryke.

08. Meeting Nightcrawler (2:16) - bootleg
Opens with a really nice rendition of the main theme for Storm, then leads into the Nightcrawler theme.

09. Sorry, Charles (1:47) - bootleg
Although I mentioned that this cue was one that should be included in any expansion of the score, I was surprised to find that this was actually one of my favorites of restored material. Sad strings illustrate Eric's guilt for his participation in Stryker's plans, but Deathstryke's clattering percussion takes over.

10. Mansion Attack (7:33) - album
This is a cue that is very much influenced by the work of the great Jerry Goldsmith. Although it may be difficult listening on its own for those not familiar with film music (who would be used to the sort of start-and-stop forward movement this cue has), it is nevertheless a great showstopping moment in the score.

11. Opening Cerebro (1:21) - bootleg
A moment in which Stryker is in Cerebro, impressed despite himself.

12. Jason's Story (2:22) - bootleg
This introduces the metallic sounds for Jason 143.

13. Harmless Kiss (0:57) - bootleg
Pyro's theme is heard briefly, then a tender piece follows as Bobby and Rogue's hormones take over. Dark tonalities envelop the music as Rogue's mutation takes over.

14. The Escape (1:25) - album
Part 1 of "Magneto's Old Tricks" on the album. Big and Wagnerian, this cue manages to convey both Magneto's elation at finally being given the chance to escape his prison and the moral ambiguities of the mechanics of his escape, that involves multiple murders.

15. What Bobby Can Do (0:52) - bootleg
Wonderous tones are interrupted by an ominous militaristic figure.

16. Finding Faith (1:30) - album
More of Nightcrawler's theme.

17. Playing With Fire (2:44) - album
This cue is one of the most varied in the score, featuring quite a bit of suspense and action music, around Pyro's theme and the main theme for the arrival of the X-Jet. There are sly winks to John Williams' score for The Empire Strikes Back in this cue.

18. Where Is Everybody? (1:26) - bootleg
A cluttered and ominous soundscape reveals the metallic sounds for Jason 143.

19. Storm's Perfect Storm (2:17) - album
A fierce action track with blazing orchestral and choral work. The Jean/Pheonix theme makes a new development here.

20. Fireside Chat (1:20) - bootleg
More suspense music.

21. Jean and Logan (2:56) - bootleg
This is one of the cues from the film I missed the most. Jean's theme is at its best here, and the appearance of Mystique's theme is most welcome.

DISC TWO (47:35)

01. Main Title (1:10) - original
Version I created from what was on the original album.

02. I'm In (4:12) - album
Suspense and action cue.

03. It's Time (3:40) - album
This track is one of the best in the film, bringing the full scope of the storyline into focus.

04. Lover's Quarrel (2:31) - bootleg
Action cue.

05. One of a Kind (4:18) - bootleg
First part of "Death Strikes Deathstryke" on the Decca album. Opening with a great gothic sequence, the percussion section then takes over when Deathstryke and Logan begin to fight.

06. Death Strikes Deathstryke (1:03) - bootleg
Part of this cues used as the second part of "Death Strikes Deathstryke" on the Decca album, and includes Pyro's theme as he decides to leave the X-Jet.

07. Reconfiguration (3:34) - album
Part two of "Magneto's Old Tricks" on the Decca album. Once again, grand Wagnerian strains. This cue also has one of the best presentations of the main theme heard as Stryker leaves the Alkali dam.

08. Xavier Rescued (1:21) - bootleg
It does not seem that this cue is in the film, although some of the music from "I'm In" reappears.

09. If You Really Knew (3:21) - album
Dark and brooding, although some hell breaks loose towards the end.

10. Getting Out Alive (3:58) - album
Very Jerry Goldsmith again.

11. Rogue Earns Her Wings (2:16) - bootleg
Complete cue, album version is edited. This is another cue that emphasizes the Goldsmithian aspect of this score.

12. Goodbye (5:27) - album
Jean's theme comes out full bore.

13. We're Here To Stay (1:21) - reconstruction
The version on the bootleg was the same as that on the album, which meant that it had a piece of the original version of the main title on it. I edited this out, so the cue appears here as it does in the film.

14. The Lake (2:39) - bootleg
This appeared on the bootleg with the same piece attached to the end of it that "We're Here To Stay" had on the album. This is the final development of the Jean/Pheonix theme (as far as this score is concerned, anyway) leading into a finale very reminiscent of James Horner's epilogue from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

15. End Title Suite (6:32) - reconstruction
This is actually edited from the end of "The Lake" and the "Suite from X2" to recreate the succession as it appears in the film.

Composed by John Ottman

* Interpolates "Dies Irae" from "Requiem in D Minor"
Composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Arranged by John Ottman, Damon Intrabartolo and Deborah Lurie

Orchestrated by John Ottman and Damon Intrabartolo
Choral Arrangments by Deborah Lurie
Orchestra and Choir Conducted by Damon Intrabartolo
Produced by Casey Stone
Tags: film music
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