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Music, as should be quite apparent to anybody reading this, is something of an obsession for me. I can't listen to music while I read or study because the music always dominates my attention.

My passion for music, film music in particular, has led me down some strange paths, but it has also altered my sensibilities when listening to music in many ways. While my musical horizons were permenantly broadened by my friends over at Tower, it was in ways that didn't alter certain habits I have when listening to music.

The most important element is that I listen to albums, not excerpts.

"Ah!" you say, "One of your favorite hobbies is making mixes! How, pray tell, do you reconcile this with that contention?" The answer is that, while it is true that I do recombine tracks from different sources, I spend a lot of time and energy placing them in a a new context so that what I produce flows in its own unique way. Or at least I try to, anyway. The point is that I make a new album out of it.

The thing is that if you're interested in film music, it is necessary to understand a piece of score in context of the whole. You can't develop a theme in one cue. This is one of the main reasons why most of the time I prefer my film music albums to be as complete as possible and in chronological order. Similarly, the orchestral idioms that I first turned to as an alternative to film music, baroque, classical and romantic music, also depend very heavily upon their context.

This carries over into my interest in other forms of music as well. My interest in rock began with music from the late 60s and early 70s, an era when the album was standard the method of musical expression. There is an identity to an album like Sticky Fingers or Meddle all its own; the songs on each are very good, but they usually are best heard as part of the album they were originally released on. New pop music tends to be single-oriented again. This is for marketing reasons as well as technological realities of the current world. While I have nothing against a good single, I am nowhere near as satisfied by one song as I am by a whole album.

I have seen the new iPod ads which emphasize the iPod shuffle. This irks me because I know that it is the standard play mode for most people with their iPods. I really can't stand to listen to music on random, save for my Jenga mp3 CD, which was designed for that purpose. I have many friends for whom this is the normal method of music listening. It is just too chaotic for me.

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I just watched a King Cobra swallow a rat snake whole on "Totally Wild." Most impressive!
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