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Unbagged... with oats!!!

I had what looked like a nasty-ass cable run today, but it didn't turn out that bad at all. Actually, it ended up being a rather clean and neat job when it was all finished. The card in the smartjack lit up as soon as the wires were punched down onto the tie. The best part is that I got two hours of overtime for it.

Interestingly, my new boss showed up at the site. Apparently his boss was skeptical about what's going on with the job because there was a period of time during which I thought I might need to get a ladder. When my helper got there (cable runs are two-man jobs by nature), he ended up finding a more efficient path as well as getting a ladder. The second-liner wanted to know whether or not this was a legit issue or if we were milking, so she sent our foreman out to the field. He was actually rather impressed with the quality of our work. So there.

The thing about ladders is that technically we're not supposed to use anybody's but our own. We, as field techs, are kind of flexible about this. Getting a ladder means that a foreman has to book a van and bring the ladder to you. In addition to taking forever, this process does not endear your manager to you. It's something that you really only do when there is no alternative.

Does that sound inefficient to you? It should.


Once again, I am conducting important market research. Please weigh in.
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