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Illustrious Movers

Dan moved from his apartment in Massapequa to one in Lindenhurst. He's moved in with his brother (yes, that one), and his new apartment is suh-weeet, although he bitched and moaned about having to move to Lindenhurst. He was originally looking at places in Williamsburg and Park Slope, and so when the deadline was set, he had to rush to get a place. Given that whole situation, I think he made out. The new place is much nicer than that shithole he lived in before (which would apparently have random outbursts of silver ants and other insect life - yuck!). Nevertheless, we managed to have a rather smooth move, despite a reluctant couch.

We chilled out a bit and watched Snatch. I love moving people. It's so much fun when it's not your stuff.

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