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Analog Paradise

Okay, today was officially too warm for my jacket. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, but it is going to be of comparable temperature. I'm debating pulling my lighter jacket out for use tomorrow.

Last night I listened to those two Men Without Hats albums all the way through. While Folk of the 80s (Part III) is in no way, shape or form and audiophile pressing, the sound is still decent, which is much better than that lousy tape ever was.

I also listened to Abbey Road on headphones. This was an interesting experience. I've been operating in the digital domain for such a long time that I'm not used to listening to analog anything, so I was a bit annoyed at how concious I was of the surface noise. The effect is lessened when listening on speakers because the surface noise gets lost in the ambient noise of the space ("room tone"). Because the record was clean there was very little in the way of incidental pops, but they did occur from time to time.

On the other hand, there's no way I can really describe to anybody who has gotten used to what the CDs sound like how natural the album sounds on vinyl. The guitars sound so... I guess the best word for it is "intimate," as opposed to cutting, which is what they sound on the overly dry CDs.
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