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The disturbing thing about the whole Terri Schiavo situation isn't that there are wackos out there attempting to keep her around despite the neurologists explaining to them that there's no human being in alive in there. I expect that sort of sick and twisted thinking from the Christian Right, it's in their nature. It's sort of a given that logic and Christianity (or any religion for that matter; I'm an equal-opportunity offender) are pretty much mutually exclusive. No, what's really disturbing is how the press has been spinning the stories, glossing over the medical information in favor of the emotional hot-keys.

On the other hand, nobody that I've spoken to about this issue seems to be fooled. Person after person confirms that they feel that she's been dead for many, many years now and that it is selfish of the family to want to keep her around and that how the politicians have blown this very personal, intimate issue into a huge national todo is unconscionable. Furthermore, everyone that I've spoken to agree that there's nothing wrong with how Michael Schiavo has conducted his life since then, although there are shouts and ranting from the fringes about how he wants to murder her. Those with a full deck of cards seem to realize not only that he's not in control of her situation right now (it's all lawyers), but that he is doing the right thing by Terri, and that to expect him to remain alone over the course of fifteen years is ludicrous.

Such widespread sobriety in the face of such a solid wall of media obfuscation is heartening. Of course, I live in New York, so my sample group is not exactly representative, but still, it's nice to see that people have formed their own opinions on this topic instead of going with what's being spoonfed them by the free newspapers.

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