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I bought a tuxedo for Zach's Bar Mitzvah next month. It is being altered now and I will be picking it up next week. I felt that I had spent enough money renting the damn tuxes, and that it was more cost-effective to buy the damn thing. I also have Paul and Jessica's wedding to go to in September, and if I need a tux again, I can just pull this out of the closet. It cost the same to buy it today as it would to rent it.

I don't know why people complain about having to wear a tux. I mean, in addition to looking the best that you possibly can, I've always found them to be rather comfortable, with the possible exception of the shoes, which I have decided to secretly wear thick black socks for. I hate cummerbunds, though. I got myself a very nice vest with a matching set of ties and kerchief. Does anybody really blow their noses into their tux kerchiefs?

I have also finally corrected my scanner/printer problem. I bought a new one which is literally a third the size of my old printer. It also has a way to stop the printing job from the printer itself without backing up print jobs, which is a major flaw with most printers. It also has very easy-to-use controls for the copy machine function.

The major upshot of this are that I don't have to go anywhere else to print out papers I write for school (phew) but I can finally get myself caught up with all those CDs I owe people. Considering that I have promised quite a few people many discs several months ago, this is something of a weight off of my mind (it also means I can trade stuff with people).

Okay, now this was a total blast. I finally got to play The Lord of the Rings DVD Trivial Pursuit, and it was fantastic. It can only really support one game at a time, as fatigue sets in pretty early, but if you have some real LOTR geeks, it is great fun. An interesting aspect of the game is that the cards may ask simple questions but be worded in such a way as so to be tricky. This means that when you are asked a straightforward question, you can get tripped up looking for the trick.

There are two DVDs, and there are ten skill levels for each, named after another leg of the journey (it starts at "The Shire" and ends at "Mount Doom"), which is pretty cool. You select a DVD question when you go for a pie piece. Some of the questions are pretty ingenious, such as asking you to locate a scene and playing you audio clips of different stages of the sound mix, so you have to figure it out without all of the layers in place. Each question gradually gives you more hints, but eventually they become "All Plays," so anyone can claim the pie slice (which is how Raz did so well in the first game). You can lose a piece if you answer for a piece you already have, though.

There are a lot of questions that deal with the extended versions, so it really does separate the wheat from the chaff... as it stood, I was playing with Raz, this girl Cheryl and her boyfriend (I >gulp< can't remember his name, which I'm embarrassed about because he was really cool... okay, "cool" is a relative term given the fact that this was essentially a geek competition), and it was a real challenge, but everyone had a pretty damn good showing. I won the first game, and we ran out of steam for the second, but proclaimed Cheryl's boyfriend the winner since he had the most pie pieces.

This was great fun, but like the James Bond Scene It game, there aren't many people that are competition for it.
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